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The Last Day

I can't believe it's already our last day here. Monday felt like it lasted 50 hours, but the rest of the days felt only a few hours long. It's been packed full of great stuff and incredible growth, and almost every student I've talked to has asked if we could stay for a few extra days (don't worry, we're not going to). The team has gelled so well, and all of the students and staff have been truly incredible.

Tomorrow, as we head home, I'll keep you updated via this blog, as to when we've actually crossed the border. Only then will we have a somewhat accurate idea of when we'll be home. I've heard from many of the people down here that the border crossing is taking MUCH longer than it used to because of the increased scrutiny at the border, so we are going to plan on leaving earlier than usual. We still don't know how long it will take though.

Thank you for your prayers. The construction team is much further along than they'd anticipated they'd be. The carnivals have been very successful and fruitful. Outreaches were great with many people in attendance and quite a few people responding to the gospel and getting connected with the church here. Everyone is tired, but overall healthy and good.

Please pray for continued safety and health.

Pray that the border crossing goes quickly and smoothly.

Pray that the students continue to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and become strong enough to withstand the pressures and difficulty of life back home.

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