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And So It Begins...

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in on us. The crossing at the border went as smoothly and painlessly as can be expected. So thank you for your prayers there. So far, everyone is excited and in great shape. We have one student, Jasmine Clark, who is not feeling well and wasn’t able to participate this morning. Please pray for her. 

Today we started our construction project, which is a children’s classroom and tutoring center near the landfill. It’s connected to a church that is a church plant from the church we are partnered with. They are doing amazing things in that community, and it is a blessing to help them expand their ministry.

We are also doing our first of eight children’s carnivals this morning. This afternoon we are doing an outreach in a community that the church has been involved in for a while. Please pray for that to be fruitful.

I also wanted to address a concern that a number of parents have brought up with me. I am fully aware that the president has threatened to close the border. Though I don’t think there’s any possibility of that actually happening, I have been monitoring the situation. Furthermore, even if the border did close, it would not close to US citizens crossing back into the United States. Here is a quote from a Washington Post article on the topic.

In reference to the question of whether the border could actually be closed: “That’s not possible, said Leon Fresco, an immigration lawyer at Holland & Knight. First, Trump can’t lawfully stop U.S. citizens from reentering the country from Mexico, so there’s no scenario in which the border could be closed off completely.” However, it would likely create some chaos at the border, so we would have to assess the situation at that point to determine whether we were going to leave early. Hopefully it’s just blowing smoke. 

Thanks again for your prayers. Please pray:

For Jasmine to feel better. 

For the border to remain open. 

For a fruitful outreach. 

For safety for all. 

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