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The Home Stretch

Today is our last full day of ministry here in Mexico. Tomorrow by this time we'll be packing up to head back home. It's so bittersweet. Bitter because God has done so much amazing stuff here in our team and through the ministry we've done with Iglesia Del Redentor, and we're not ready for it to end. Bitter because I know from experience how difficult it is for students to continue walking faithfully with Jesus when the pressures of life and relationships and electronics come back into the picture. Bitter because we have to leave those we've bonded with. Sweet because we miss everyone we left back home. Sweet because we were never meant to live the Christian life in cloistered bubbles, and going back home gives us the ability to spread the love of Jesus that we've experienced to the people back home. Sweet because hot showers and comfortable beds (if we're being honest here, haha).

The rest of today we're finishing our carnivals, construction projects and team time. Then this evening we'll have a fiesta with Iglesia Del Redentor and share a worship service and meal together. After that we'll have our last campfire circle time together as a team. Pray for that time, as it can get a little heavy.

Tomorrow we'll be packing up and heading for the border. Pray that everyone stays healthy and the border crossing is quick and painless. I'll post again tomorrow after we cross the border, so everyone knows that we made it back to the states ok. Crossing can take a while, so don't freak out if I don't post until sometime in the afternoon.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support. Until tomorrow.

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