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Zumba and Tacos From Heaven

Ok, maybe the tacos didn't actually come from heaven, but they did come from Asadero Los Poblanos, which is hands down the best taco place on earth. We just had lunch there as a team, and it was amazing, as always. What's crazy is that's not even the best thing that's happened in the last 24 hours.

The outreach last night went very well, with many people in attendance and having a great time. There was even an outdoor Zumba class going on at the park while we were there, so of course most of our group joined it! Haha. Afterwards the instructor and the rest of those in attendance got to hear the Gospel and get some food that we'd cooked for everyone. It was a great time.

When we got back we had another time of worship and teaching with out team. Not only was the time of worship incredible, at the end of the teaching time I presented the Gospel (in English, since they'd only been hearing it in Spanish so far!), and 8 of our own students responded in faith for the first time! It was amazing. It's such a blessing to be able to experience the moment when someone's eternal destiny changes.

It continues to be very hot here, so that is a challenge, but all the leaders and students are total champs. None of them are complaining at all. This afternoon has a little cloud cover, so even though it's still over 90 degrees it doesn't feel as hot. Everyone is doing well and in good health. Thanks for the continued prayer support.

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