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We've Reached The Midpoint

I reminded the students this morning that we were at the very midpoint of the trip. We'd had a travel day and two ministry days behind us and the same before us. There was a mixture sadness that we were already halfway done and shock that we were only halfway through the week, with as much as we've already done together.

The tacos last night were a huge hit. All the students were asking why tacos in the States don't taste like that. It's one question I simply can't answer.

All the ministry yesterday went great, and we even got an incredible encouragement from a mom at one of the carnivals. She told us that when she was very young, about the age of her kids now, a group came and did kid's ministry where she lived. She said that planted the seeds that eventually grew into faith in Jesus just a few years ago when our group came and did an outreach in her neighborhood, and she became a Christian. Now she's so excited that we're planting those same seeds in her kids and they even have a Christian mom to help them grow. What an affirmation that what we're doing here matters and expands the Kingdom of God!

I'm very happy to let you know that everyone is feeling well today. We're all a little tired and sore, but no one is sick, except for a sniffle here and there. Sam is back to 100% and is glad to be with her team today. Everyone is safe and experiencing life change by engaging in ministry and expanding God's Kingdom. It's such a fantastic group of staff and students. Thank you all so much for letting us borrow your kids, spouses, etc. for the week. God is doing great stuff!

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