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Still Going Strong

Well, it's only Tuesday, so there's a lot of week left, but I'm glad to report that as of now everyone is going strong and full of energy. Our outreach went very well last night, and today the ministry teams have been making progress on our construction project, doing great kids ministry carnivals, and digging deeply into God's Word during Team Time.

This afternoon we will go eat tacos together at a local taco shop. I may be biased, but I think they are literally the best tacos in the world. Ask the team when they get back. They're like a little piece of heaven in a tortilla. Everyone's looking forward to that.

This evening we'll do another outreach. Please be praying that God would bring great fruit from that ministry effort.

Sam is still fighting a migraine, so please continue praying for her. Everyone else is doing well. Daniel Tuscano begged me to tell his parents that he loves them, so Bart and Laura, there you go. Don't worry everyone else, your kids love and miss you too. Until tomorrow, thanks for the prayers.

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